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Linares and Hualahuises Tour

The tour through the different spots of these two municipalities has the following objectives: to...

Centenario Museum

It approaches, preserves, and recreates the life and customs of the people of San Pedro from the...

Parachuting Tour

We invite you to jump from an airplane with a parachute in free fall at 200 km per hour. You jump...

Santa Rosa Valley

Visit a picturesque town with waterfalls such as La Purisima and the riverbanks that come from the...

Helicopter Adventure Tour

Flight through the city or mountain. 15 or 30 unforgettable minutes of flight that you will travel...

Via Ferrata Tour – Vertigo Route

One of the best adventure experiences in Mexico. Via Ferrata – Vertigo Route is an exclusive route...

Round Puddle Park

Water parks and public pools.

Parque España (Park)

Public park of the municipality of Monterrey with large green areas, biking tracks, canopies, water,...

Mina de las Escaleras (Stairs Mine)

Rappels, holes, hiking, climbing, all included in a tour that is for everyone, feel as if you were...

El Obispado Regional Museum of History of...

At the top of the Obispado Hill and having at its side the most beautiful viewpoint of the city you...

MUNE Northeast Museum

As part of the 3 museums, MUNE is a space dedicated to the dissemination of the northeast Mexico...