Parque Ecológico Chipinque

This natural area of 1791 hectares, spanning altitudes above sea level between 730 and 2200 meters, is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental within the limits of the Cumbres National Park in Monterrey. Its representative flora and fauna ranges from xeric shrublands to pine-oak forests. It also has a great weather with an average annual temperature of 21 ºC.

Approximate price

General admission: $80


Monday to Sunday : 6:00 am to 8:00 pm / Saturday and Sunday: insectarium.




(81) 83 03 00 00 y 83 03 21 90



Hwy to Chipinque km 2.5, Valle de San Angel, San Pedro Garza Garcia


Metropolitan area | San Pedro Garza Garcia

How to get there



The ‘M’ of Chipinque

The so-called ‘M’, which is a rocky figure at the top of the Sierra Madre, is located within Chipinque Ecological Park. Those with a moderate to high physical condition will take a challenging walk and admire the nature. When reaching the top, you will see Monterrey and other towns, as well as a great extension of the Sierra Madre Oriental range. One of the best hiking options within the metropolitan area.

Recommended age: 10+

Season: All year round

Butterfly farm

This space provides an opportunity to get closer to the world of these interesting insects, where you can learn about its function in nature, their care and its effect on the environmental conservation, as well as discover the butterfly species living in the park as Vanessa cardui and stroll around the beautiful garden with a lake and artificial fountain.


The educational insectarium is an area for the whole family. Here you will learn about the great diversity of arthropods species living in the park and enjoy the talks about the forest dwellers and its importance in the environment.


If you like sightseeing, painting or photography, marvel at the majesty of the mountains or the beautiful night views overlooking the city from the different viewpoints located in the park.


Chipinque has more than 60 km of gaps, sidewalks and highway with a small, medium and high degree of difficulty for mountain or route biking. You will be required to wear an identification badge provided in the entrance booth.


The park is a natural habitat for native species of birds and butterflies that you will see throughout your trip in the forest due to the vegetation type. We have guided trails, where you will learn more about these species.


We have more than 60 km of gaps and natural sidewalks for leisure and mindful hiking, as well as moderate and high impact for athletes.

Children’s Play Area

There is a children’s play area located in the plateau, made with organic materials, an outdoor theater, adequate parking, and a hotel.