At the bottom of the Sierra Madre, only 20 minutes from the capital of Monterrey, but far from the noise and bustle of the city, you can find one of the most amazing natural areas in the north of the country. Explore it!


Santa Catarina de La Huasteca, La Fama parks, unnamed street, 22, 66196, Santa Catarina


Metropolitan area | Santa Catarina


Virgin Cave

It is home of small animals; we can find ‘lechuguillas’ clinging to the relieves, agaves victoria (endangered) and the occasional lizard that hides among the rocky folds. Nowadays, this wonder of nature keeps the strength of movement that gave it shape and invites all those adventurers who wish to leave the noise of the city behind, looking for a different day.

La Huasteca Biking

Some of the places that can be traveled by bike in La Huasteca: Aguiluchos Nest, Little Guitars, Little Guitars via Ferrata.

Aguiluchos Nest (with a specialized guide)

This tour will leave you breathless: it involves a walk between stones and trails, a little climbing and a few rappels. You will reach one of the highest peaks in La Huasteca, 120 meters high, where you can see the city of Monterrey on one side, and the peaks and huge walls with all their splendor on the other.

Little Guitars

It is submerged between the walls of the canyon; it is a magical place where the Huicholes came in the past to celebrate their ceremonies. It is a perfect place to go by foot, bike or car, perfect to enjoy the silence. Also, you can camp without any problem. If you go with a specialized guide, you can ride a zip line between two walls located in this place.