El Salto y Laberinto Tour

These canyons are located in Cienega de Gonzalez, approximately 40 minutes from the Cola de Caballo hotel. El Laberinto canyon has three rappels and a zip line; El Salto canyon is a beautiful canyon sculpted by the force of water that you will love making its two rappels.

Approximate price

Approximate cost: $1000


7 hours


All year round


Adventure / Nature


Metropolitan area | Santiago

More information

• Certified guides with extensive experience• All the essential and required equipment for the tour (ropes, helmet, harness, eight, carabiner, and first aid kit)
• Walking ration (food for the road)
• Complete meal in Cienega at the end of the tour (stew, soda and beer, only of legal age)
• Special insurance for adventure activities