Frequently Asked Questions

1.- What kind of tourist experience can I find in Nuevo León?
You can find experiences from business meetings to walks in natural parks. In the State there are 8 different types of tourism and they are the following: Urban, Trendy, Nature Lovers, Health and Wellness, Cultural, Adventure, Sports and Meetings Passion, each offers different activities and you can know a little more about them in the following link:

2.- Is there a tourist map of Nuevo León?
Of course, you can download the most emblematic tourist maps of the state in PDF at the following link:

3.- Is there a tourist route or tour in Nuevo León?
Yes, there is the North Walk, South Walk and Magic Walk, and in each one you can discover what tourist attractions the area offers so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest, in the following link you will find more information: -hacer/paseo-norte/

4.- Is there a Magic Town in Nuevo León? And which are they?
Yes, Bustamante, Linares and Santiago are part of the Magical Towns of the state. Find out more about them at the following link:

5.- Is there a park I can visit?
Of course, and they are classified by natural, thematic and extraordinary parks, you can discover more about each one of them in the following link:

6.- Is there a tour in Nuevo León?
Yes, and you can find more details about the one that catches your attention and find the contact details of each tour operator at the following link:

7.- Are the tours operated by professionals?
All tours offered by tour operators who are on the official state tourism site are operated by tourist guides accredited by the Association of Tour Operators of Nuevo León.

8.- What are the regions of Nuevo León?
The regions are: North, Archeological, Cradle of N.L., Metropolitan Zone, Citrus and South. And you can know more about them at the following link:

9.- What kind of gastronomy can I find in the State?
In the State you can find all kinds of cuisine from national to international dishes. Eating in Nuevo León is a delight!

10.- Is there a list of hotels in the state classified by category?
Of course, in the following link you can see each of the hotels that exist in Nuevo León:

11.- I am a tourist and it is the first time I visit Nuevo León. Is there a list of directions or tips for us?
Of course, we have the tips for the tourist in the following link:

12.- Can you only obtain tourist information through the website and social networks? or is there any other way?
Tourist information can be obtained through the official website, social networks and in the information modules that are located in different parts of the metropolitan area and are attended by traveling gurus who can share the most relevant data on the most emblematic places of the State.

13.- What are extraordinary badges? And where are they located?
These are the giant letters of Nuevo León Extraordinario, and the hallmark of the best experiences of the State, go to the following link to learn more about each of the badges:

14.- I will visit Nuevo León soon. Is there a series of directions on how to get there?
Of course, in the following link you can find all the necessary information to reach Nuevo León:

15.- What is the Nuevo León Extraordinary Passport? And what is it for?
It is the official application of Nuevo León Extraordinario available in Google Play and Appstore. In it you will find the most important events in the State, in addition to being able to acquire your passes from each tourist place in Nuevo León. Download it now!

16.- Where can I know about upcoming events in the State?
We have an extensive agenda at the following link:

17.- Is there any review or articles about any experience in the State?
Of course, we have the official blog of Nuevo León Extraordinario, where you can find articles about the most Trendy and unique in the State. Enter the following link:

18.- What are the social networks of Nuevo León Extraordinario?
On Facebook: Nuevo León Extraordinario, on Twitter: TurismoNL, on Instagram: nl_extraordinario and on YouTube: TurismoNuevoLeon.

19.- Can I disseminate a local event through this website?
Of course, contact us to upload your information as soon as possible to the events agenda:

20.- Is there a turibus service in Nuevo León?
Yes, there is an Tourist Service, an inclusive service, as it is a tourist bus equipped with a wheelchair ramp, in which our visitors can visit tourist attraction sites both in the Monterrey metropolitan area in its first stage, and through the Nuevo Leon state in its second stage.

21.- How can I get to Santiago by public transport?
You can arrive on the following semi-urban routes that you can take in downtown Monterrey: General Terán – Monterrey, Alamo Santiago – Monterrey and Direct UANL. We share the page so you can find more details about it. You can also take a taxi service from downtown Monterrey, the approximate fee would be $450.00.