How to get to Nuevo Leon?

You can easily get to Nuevo Leon either flying or by land. It’s an industrial, comsmopolitan and economically developed destiny.

Today, this capital and modern city in Nuevo Leon, is connected with the main cities in the rest of Mexico, as well as with the most important cities in the US.


The modern International Airport (General Mariano Escobedo) stands among the first in the country, given the number of operations and passangers attended. It has 4 terminals and one of them (B) is the only in Latin America with a double circulation run-in, delivering a more agile operation for airlines and allowing more conectivity.

Airlines with direct flights to Monterrey:


You can get to Monterrey in a car or by bus too.
There is an important highway network that swiftly connects you with other states in Mexico and also south of the US.

  • FEDERAL 85 HIGHWAY Crosses Nuevo Leon from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, going through Monterrey and connects with the 35 from Laredo to San Antonio, TX.
  • FEDERAL 40 HIGHWAY Crosses Nuevo Leon from Saltillo to Reynosa, going through Monterrey, and connects with the 83 from Mcallen to Brownsville, TX.
  • FEDERAL 54 HIGHWAY Runs from Monterrey to Miguel Aleman, and connects with the 83 from Roma to Brownsville or Laredo, TX.
  • FEDERAL 53 HIGHWAY Goes from Monterrey to Monclova, Coahuila.
  • STATE HIGHWAY 1 Goes from Monterrey's center out to the border of Colombia, in the municipality of Anahuac, Nuevo Leon. It connects with highway 35 from Laredo to San Antonio, TX.


To get to Monterrey by car coming from any other part of the country, you need to take one of the following Federal Highways: 40, la 45 y la 57.

Coming from Mexico City, you must drive along highway 57 for about 957km before reaching Nuevo Leon’s capital. From the US border, the drive is around 300km south.


Monterrey has a Central Bus Station which greets the mayority of the buses coming from Mexico City’s North Terminal, located in the Cien Metros Avenue.

When you get to Monterrey, the journey ends in the crossing of avenue Cristóbal Colón S/N with Amado Nervo; between Rayon and Villagran.

Bus lines that get to Monterrey:

Central Bus Station in Monterrey

(81) 8372 9324 / (81) 8318 3737