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Just after San Pedro Garza García, Abasolo is considered the smallest municipality in Nuevo Leon. Abasolo is located in the midwest region of the State, over the Salinas Valley, with coordinates 29º98’ latitude north and 100º23’ longitude west, at a height of 907 meters above sea level. It borders on other Nuevo Leon municipalities: Salinas Victoria to the north, Hidalgo to the south and west, and El Carmen to the east.

Cienega de Flores

Its name comes from the existence of a swamp found in lands belonging to Don Pedro Flores. Ciénega de Flores is located north of Monterrey, in a region called “Coastal Plain of the Gulf”. Its municipal capital is found at 25º58′ latitude north and 100º10′ longitude west, at a height of 440 MASL. It borders on the north and west with Salinas Victoria, on the south with Apodaca and General Zuazua, and to the east also with General Zuazua.


Saint Eloy Temple

It was built in 1847 with a very unique belfry.

General Ponciano Cisneros Quiroga Museum

Focuses on the municipality’s history, customs and culture.

Lienzo Charro “Felix Cardenas”

Charreadas and Torneo de colas events are held in this place.

Tierra Blanca Ex-Finance

Our Lady of Tierra Blanca Chapel

House of Culture Licenciado Manuel Gomez Morin

Music, painting and dance workshops, art exhibits.


El Carmen

El Carmen is located northeast from the city of Monterrey, in a region called “Coastal Plain of the Gulf”. It is at coordinates 20º36′ latitude north and 100º21′ longitude west, at a height of 446 MASL. It borders on the north and east with Salinas Victoria, to the south with General Escobedo, and to the west with Abasolo and Hidalgo.


In honor of ex-governor Joaquin Garcia, native of the town,  Mayor of Santa Catarina and twice governor. The first name was the Hacienda of San Juan Bautista de Pesqueria Grande. Garcia’s coordinates are located at 25º49′ latitude north and 100º35′ longitude west, at a height of 697 MASL. It borders on the north with Mina, General Escobedo and Hidalgo, on the south and east with Santa Catarina, and on the west with the state of Coahuila.


Everest Pine Plateau

Held in the Sierra de la Gota in García. Starting the tour you will find a semi-arid environment. As you...


An ecological recreational park where you can feed and pet animals such as horses, camels, giraffes, foxes, ponies, rabbits, and...

Grutas de García Tour (Garcia Caves)

Discover the second largest caves in the world and enjoy the beautiful and typical town of Garcia.

Grutas de Garcia Tour (Caves at Garcia, Nuevo León)

These caves remained hidden for thousands of years, submerged millions of years under the sea, hence the marine fossils on...

2 in 1 Tour

Visit 2 wonderful places in a single day: Garcia and Santiago. We will have lunch in the Magical Town of...

Recreational and Ecological XENPAL Park

Children and adults will have fun here. You can enjoy a day with all kinds of animals such as giraffes,...

Los Faisanes Recreational Park

Recreational touristic center with the goal of healthy family entertainment and the dissemination of the preservation and conservation of the...

El Ojo Museum

It offers a collection of popular art from the states of Oaxaca, Jalisco, Puebla, Mexico, and Michoacan.

Mesa de Pinos 

Located in the Cerro de la Gota in Garcia, where you will have the opportunity to witness a great variety...

Los Faisanes

Recreational touristic center for family entertainment, recreation, and sports activities, which also aims the environment’s preservation and conservation. It has...

The Best Northern Experience

Enjoy the best northern experience on board of the ‘ajua’ bus by visiting the wonderful Garcia Caves.

Las Grutas de Garcia (Garcia Caves) 

Highway km 6, Cola de Caballo, Santiago, N.L.

Casa Rosa – Popular Art Museum

Space where you can admire an exhibition of over 164 works made of several materials, such as textiles, ceramics, jewelry,...

La Esmeralda Canyon

An extraordinary panoramic excursion of mountaineering and dry canyoneering, this gem of nature is located in the Sierra de Urbano,...

General Zuazua

First known as Hacienda Santa Elena, then named after General Zuazua, an illustrious man from the Reform War times, whom historians call the “Reform Hero” and the “General of Generals”; this second nickname because he granted the General degree to several officers that served under his command: Ignacio Zaragoza, Mariano Escobedo, Silvestre Aramberri, Jeronimo Treviño, Lazaro Garza Ayala and others that ended up being National Heroes. This municipality is located at 25°54′ latitude north and 100°07′ longitude west, at a height of 400 MASL. It borders on the north with Cienega de Flores, on the south with Apodaca, on the east with Higueras and Marin, and on the west with Salinas Victoria.


The name goes after Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. This municipality is located in the center of the state at 99º26′ latitude north and 25º59′ longitude west of the Greenwich meridian. It borders on the north with Mina and Salinas Victoria; on the east with Salinas Victoria, Abasolo and El Carmen; on the south with General Escobedo and Villa de Garcia; and on the west again with Mina. Altitude: 549 MASL.


Potrero Chico Recreational Park

Perfect park to spend a family afternoon in a nice atmosphere with amazing views of the canyon.


Valley of San Francisco Cañas, for the strong evangelical franciscan presence. Place of springs surrounded by junks and reeds. The name comes after Francisco Javier Mina, a Spanish warlord born in Navarra, who fought for Mexico’s freedom. This municipality is at coordinates 26º and 00′ latitude north and 100º 32′ longitude west, at 568 MASL. It borders on the north with Bustamante and with the state of Coahuila; on the south with Garcia and the state of Coahuila; on the east with Bustamante, Villaldama, Salinas Victoria, Hidalgo; and on the west with Coahuila also.


Archaeological Zone Boca de Potrerillos

Boca de Potrerillos, the only rocky area with presidential declarations to the northeast of Mexico for its relevant archaeological data...

Mina Museum – Bernabe de las Casas

It is made up of 9 rooms, among which the Fidencio Child’s Room and the Fidencismo, as well as the...

Salinas Victoria

Named Salinas for its salty grounds and Victoria in honor of General Don Guadalupe Victoria. Salinas Victoria located in the central region of Nuevo Leon, or the Gulf Region, northwest of the capital Monterrey, between the parallels 25º58’ and latitude north 100º18′, at 32 km from Monterrey. Altitude: 464 MASL. It borders on 11 municipalities: on the north with Villaldama and Sabinas Hidalgo; on the south with General Escobedo and Apodaca; on the east with Higueras, Cienega de Flores and General Zuazua; and on the west with Mina, Hidalgo, Abasolo and el Carmen.


Presa La Española from 1772

A great historical and recreational place. Sports fishing and spa.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish from 1721

It houses the painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe painted by Miguel Cabrera in 1759. Sacred art work. Head of...

Mount Old Mines 1610

Adventure tourism and camping. Head of the municipality of Salinas Victoria, N.L.