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Named after General Jose Silvestre Aramberri, soldier and Reformation hero, comrade of Don Benito Juarez, famous politician and engineer, Governor of the State of Nuevo Leon in 1859. Aramberri is on the south part of Nuevo Leon, at 24º49′ longitude west, at an altitude of 1077 MASL. Borders on the north with Galeana and Iturbide, on the south with Doctor Arroyo and Zaragoza, on the east with Tamaulipas, and on the west with Galeana and Doctor Arroyo. Approximate distance to the State capital is 300 kilometers.


La Playita Recreational Park

Recreational park perfect for spending time with the family. Enjoy its service areas overshadowed by large walnut trees. It features...


Maria Luisa

Restaurant hotel located in the mountains, south of N.L.


Hotel Esmeralda has an extensive parking lot and 24 rooms (single and double). Comfortable, with AC and cable TV.

Doctor Arroyo

It gets its name in honor of theology Dr. Jose Francisco Arroyo de Anda y Villagomez, canon of Monterrey’s Cathedral. It is located in the south ixtlera region; its coordinates are 23º40′ latitude north and 100º11′ longitude west, at a height of 1,706 MASL. This is the municipality with the highest altitude in the State.


Named in honor and memory of the great Mexican Independence hero back in 1810, Don Hermenegildo Galeana who serviced to Don Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon. Galeana is located in the central part of Nuevo Leon at 24º50′ latitude north and 100º04′ longitude west, at a height of 1,655 MASL. It borders on the north with Rayones and with Coahuila; on the south with Aramberri and Doctor Arroyo; on the east with Rayones, Montemorelos, Linares and Iturbide, and on the west with the states of Coahuila and San Luis Potosi.


Pozo del Gavilan and Laguna de Labradores Tour

Descend of 82 meters into a deep depression with a lagoon of blue water that flows through the bowels of...

2 days & 1 night Tour in Galeana

Visit Galeana’s most scenic places, such as the Hawk’s well, the Labrador’s Lagoon, and the Marble Deposits. Enjoy a horseback...

Blue Lagoon Camping Tour

Camp near the Labrador’s Lagoon and enjoy the beauty of this place, along with a kayak ride and a bonfire...


Spend a nice day in the countryside, go down the 354 steps to appreciate the natural 15 meters high and...


Waterfalls and sulfurous water springs located near the Potosi River Canyon. Here you can do activities such as: hiking, mountaineering,...


It reflects different colors on the surface of its waters due to its location. Ideal for spending an afternoon on...


You must visit Galeana’s downtown, walk its quiet streets and visit Saint Paul the Apostle Temple. See the traditional Kiosk,...


The highest mountain in Northeast Mexico. It is 3,710 meters above sea level and located 18 km from the county...


The mystic “Laguna de Labradores”. Its depth reaches more than 300 meters and several researchers say that the lagoon is...

General Zaragoza

This place offers its visitors a series of beautiful natural landscapes due to its exuberant number of woods, rivers and waterfalls. To any nature and outdoor activities lover, Zaragoza is a real paradise. It is located south of the State of Nuevo Leon, in the ixtlera economic region. Coordinates: 23º58’30’ latitude north and 99º46’ longitude west, at a height of 1,380 MASL. It borders on the north with Aramberri, to the south with Hidalgo, Güemez and Miquihuana, and to the west with Doctor Arroyo.


Iturbide owes its name to the memory of Don Agustin de Iturbide. It is nestled on the mountain; the set of its streets and facades, squares, gardens and pine tree forests make up a very nice postcard. Located southeast of the State in a region called Sierra Madre Oriental, just at 24º44′ latitude north and 99º53′ longitude west, at 1,479 MASL. It borders on the north with Galeana; to the south with Aramberri; on the east with Linares and the state of Tamaulipas; and on the west with Galeana.


St. Peter the Apostle Parish

A 19th century colonial construction built by the Franciscans.

Stairway to Heaven

Go up to the summit and spot the Cerro de la Bandera, El Picacho, El Cero de Enmedio, Tejocotes Hill...

La Escondida Waterfall, Iturbide N.L

The highest and most impressive waterfall in Nuevo Leon. Its flow vanishes downstream until it reaches Hualahuises municipality.

Snail Waterfall

Impressive waterfalls which flow is lost downstream connecting with the Hualahuises River.

Snail Waterfall, Iturbide N.L

Cool off under the poplars and walnut trees shade. Vegetation here is in associated to the water current and it...


It gets its name in honor of the brothers Ramon, Ignacio and Francisco Rayon, who fought for the National Independence. Previously called San Miguel de Tasajal. This municipality is located along the Sierra Madre Oriental and is part of the south region of the State. Rayones borders on the north with Santiago; on the south with Galeana and Iturbide; on the east with Montemorelos; and on the west with Galeana and Coahuila. Coordinates: latitude north 25º, longitude west 100º 04′. Altitude: 906 MASL.