Travel along the north of Nuevo Leon where you’ll find museums, parks, springs of fresh water, and a tour along some incredible caves.

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Bustamante, covered entirely by trees, welcomes you with a mezcal factory. As you go further in, you can see streets filled with old typical houses. Aside from its amazing caverns, what makes this town famous is its delicious homemade bread, made with wheat flour, brown sugar, anise, cinnamon and walnuts. Location: 119 km from Monterrey city, over Colombia Highway.


La Magia de Bustamante Tour 

Visit the Bustamante Caves, the Historical Center, the Alley of the Kiss, San Lorenzo Spring, and the Museum of Living...

Grutas de Bustamante Tour (Caves)

Bustamante Caves, also known as Palmito Caves, are located in the Sierra de Gomas, 107 km northwest from Monterrey and...

The Canyon Recreational Park

Natural recreational park.

La Alameda Bustamante Park

It features a pool, wading pool, dressing rooms, canopies and grills.

El Molino Park

It has 11 pools and grills.

Museo de la Memoria Viva (Living Memory Museum at Bustamante)

This Museum focuses on Bustamante’s local history and the Tlaxcalan culture influence, especially in current professions.

Magical Lunadas in Bustamante

Enjoy the sky and stars with a bonfire, music, and friends.

Grutas de Bustamante (Bustamante Caves)

The Bustamante Caves, also well-known as ‘Palmito Caves’, are located in the Sierra de Gomas, 107 km northeast from Monterrey...

Callejón del Beso (Kissing Alley)

This picturesque place surrounded by trees and vegetation has been the favorite for couples in love.

Bustamante Magical Town

Bustamante is located northwest of the state at coordinates 26°35′ north latitude and 100°31′ west longitude, at a height of...

Lampazos de Naranjo

The name goes after these fruit plants, and also in honor of General Francisco Naranjo. Located northwest of the State, in the Coastal region of the golf, at 27º01′ latitude north and 100º31′ longitude west, at a height of 335 MASL. Borders on the north with Anahuac and the state of Coahuila; on the south with Bustamante, Villa Aldama and Sabinas Hidalgo; on the east with Anahuac and Vallecillo; and on the west al poniente with Juarez and the state of Coahuila. Distance from Monterrey to Lampazos: 164 km.


San Diego Spring Park

You will enjoy a spring framed within a landscape and shadows of gigantic sabinos.

Museum of History of Lampazos de Naranjo and the National Weapons

Very special space in which a collection of more than 400 weapons that were used in different times is exhibit....

Sabinas Hidalgo

Located on the northern region of the State, coordinates on latitude north 26º31′ and longitude west 100º10′ at 313 MASL. Borders on the north with Lampazos de Naranjo; on the south with Salinas Victoria and Higueras; on the east with Vallecillo and Agualeguas; and on the west with Lampazos de Naranjo, Villaldama and Salinas Victoria.


Saint Joseph Temple

It was built in 1710, its main attraction is one of a kind 23 carat altarpiece with a Churrigueresque style.

La Turbina Park

It has a waterfall of 5 meters high, canopies, grills, little boats and water fountain.

Sabinas Regional Museum

Arrowheads are exhibit, as well as other interesting historical documents.


Named in honor of warlord of the Revolution: Juan Aldama. Located in the northern part of the State, at 100º25′ longitude west and 26º30′ latitude north, at a height of 420 MASL. Borders on the north with Lampazos de Naranjo and on the south with Salinas Victoria; on the west with Sabinas Hidalgo and on the west with Bustamante. Approximate distance to the capital of the State is 96 km.